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UPV card

TUI (Tarjeta Universitaria Inteligente – Smart University Card) issuance campaign
The UPV TUI card issuance campaign for the 2020-2021 academic year will be carried out as follows:

  • If you are a student at the Vera campus , you will have to request an appointment before going to one of the two card issuing points indicated below.
  • If you are a student at the Gandia and Alcoy campuses , you will receive an email indicating where and when you should pick it up.

On the Vera campus, two card issuing points have been set up (see map). Each of them has their appointment queue. Do not forget to make an appointment through the “Alumnado” app (in the “Prior appointment” section), or through the links that you will find below:

Student’s house.
Appointment for the Student’s House
Location of the student’s house

Ágora area. (behind the stationery)

Previous appointment for Zona Ágora
Location of the “Zona agora” broadcast point, behind the stationery
Download the UPV Alumnado app and request your appointment through the “Previous appointment” section:

The UPV accreditation is called a smart university card (TUI) and it serves to identify the holders as members of the community. It is green or beige and includes the user’s data, the photograph, the relationship with the institution (that is, if it is a student, PDI, PAS …) and the validity of the accreditation. The reverse also contains a space for the signature.

TUI is equipped with different devices: Mifare system (proximity technology), barcode, QR code and magnetic stripe. Although it is the result of an agreement with Santander bank, the TUI does not function as a bank card, so it cannot provide financial services.

The UPV also prints another accreditation, called its own card, which is red in color and equipped with proximity technology and a barcode. This accreditation is offered only to people linked to the UPV for a short period of time.

The Accreditation Office (dependent on the Communication Area) is the administrative unit in charge of coordinating the issuance of the cards at the UPV. However, there are numerous entities of the UPV that are in charge of attending and processing the requests of the different groups.

If you want to know more information related to your UPV card, you can consult the following link. Among others, you can find out where each accreditation is processed, where it is collected, documents that the holder must provide, when it will be available …

Information about the UPV card (sorted by groups)

As a complement to all this, in the intranet (or extranet) you can access the particular documentation of each user:

Look for the UPV Card item and you will find a list with your most recent accreditations.
In the section Relationship with the UPV , the means that the UPV makes available to you based on the group to which you belong are detailed.

If you do not remember your password or pin to access the intranet (or extranet), click on the link below:

Have you forgotten your password?