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How to look up the subjects and timetables
Instructions to look up the ETSICCP subjects and timetables
In order to facilitate students to look up subjects and associated classrooms, ETSICCP has published a tool on the web. Below you will find the link.
Look up subjects and classrooms

Choose: Horarios 20__-20__


  • Degree
  • Year (if you don’t know which, choose all of them)
  • Semester: Cuatrimestre A
  • Type: todos
  • Subjects: check the subject you need. As you see to the screenshot below.
    • Then press ‘Generate Timetable’ and the week schedule will be generated.

Put on over your class to see all the details

Can I enroll in classes with overlapping timetables?
There is no simple answer.
As a rule, we do not recommend it, specially if the classes overlap very often or every week. An occasional overlap in theory classes is sometimes not a big problem. You will just have to decide which class to attend, depending on the circumstances.In some courses, class attendance may be obligatory. In others, it is maybe not obligatory but it is recommended or simply necessary because of the teaching method.This information is normally explained by the instructor on the first day of class and it is also available in the official course description.

You can download the course description if you using the following link:
Looking Subjects at UPV.

Use the search engine to find the class that you are interested in, then click on the course name and look for the information about the course assessment.

How to use Teams to follow your online classes and collaborate online with other students?
In this link you can see some tips: Technical problems?
If you have any technical issues with Teams (group synchronization and Channels in Teams, connection, etc.), you must make a technical help request/computer incident report, using the following link:
Policonsulta TEAMS
(Select your UPV School and explain the problem in detail; attach screenshots or error messages).
If your School/Faculty’s Computer Services can’t fix the problem, they’ll send your request to the central IT services (CAU – User Service Center)

How can I contact a course instructor outside the normal classroom hours?
The list of teaching staff of the School of Civil Engineering is available here:
see list of teaching staff

How to get your transcript of records at the end of stay?
Through the AIRE online platform: https://aplicat.upv.es/aire-app (identified access)
Go to “Academic Data” and click on “Request a Transcript of Records”: You will obtain a pdf document that can be saved and/or printed …The document can be created at any time during your stay. Each document reflects the status of your grades at the time of printing. Please note that UPV teaching staff are allowed to insert the official grades into UPV academic database within a certain deadline each semester.Before that deadline, it is normal to see certain grades on your transcript while others are still not available. The deadline is normally in early February or March (1st semester) and early July (2nd semester).

(pdf) Instructions_Transcript_of_Records_exchange


Here you can find all the tools and maps to look for your classroom, library or other spaces at the UPV and ETSICCP.



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